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Teaching and Learning

Both teachers and student were a subject of much interest and debate in our country for the past few days. Seeing what some people spoke and wrote about this, I felt it was appropriate to make this note.

My ability to write this, and your ability to read this is only because a teacher once took a lot of effort to teach us the ABCs; as a mother of a preschooler I very well know how tough that can be.

Knowing the struggle that parents go through in managing their own kid or two, how could one claim that a teacher’s job easy? And unless you are someone offering volunteer service to the nation, how could one claim that a teacher’s salary is high?

Service is different, and occupation is different. Everybody needs to earn a living for themselves and their families; everybody needs to have a return for their time and effort. There are people who values service over money and serves far beyond their salary; while there are also people who barely do justice to the salary they make; which is a truth that holds for every profession.

It may be true that what they did was not right, it may true that their behavior was not appropriate. However, we should not forget that this world consists of both good and bad people, and that they are present in all strata of the society, in every profession alike; which is why it is not acceptable to disgrace the entire profession for the actions of a few.

Keeping in mind the fact that there’s always an invisible arm behind all this havoc, let’s also not forget that we, the general public, are only getting out blood boiled by getting worked up on these matters, which serves no purpose to anyone.

As for the students who are feeling lost under the current circumstances, I just want to say that regardless of how good or bad your teachers are, learning is ultimately your own responsibility. This world gives ample opportunity to anyone who is willing to learn and grow; so take your text books, and start reading from the beginning; go to the library, go on the internet, and do your own learning. Treat knowledge itself as your teacher, and there will be no limit to what you can achieve.

Finally, let us all consider whether we have done our own bit to our society, our country and to our world before pointing a finger to judge someone else.

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