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The Happiness Muse

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Life Coach and Success Partner

“The Happiness Muse” means ‘Inspiring towards happiness’ which was chosen because that right there is my vision for this brand.
Let me inspire you to live a life of happiness and success, giving you the tools to overcome all barriers, and to uncover your fullest potential!

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Relationship Coaching Package

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“I believe that we all have great potential and that we all have come here to do great things.

My personal mission is to constantly strive to be the best version of myself, making the most of everyday and everything that I have been given, so that I could live this life to the fullest.

My ultimate vision is to inspire others to do the same”

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Client Reviews

We were about to quit, but surprisingly our relationship was just saved by this amiable, young counselling lady at the very last moment. She had a good plan for us from the beginning. She kept on monitoring our progress with a very responsible manner.  And surprisingly, after the one month probationary period following her guidance and advices, we could feel a huge improvement in the levels of our patience and in the way we react when we feel angry or sad


මනස සියලු දෙයට මුල් වේ .එම මනස ධනාත්මකව සහ සතුටින් තබා ගන්නා ක්රම සහ විධි  මනෝ විද්යාත්මක භාවිතයත් සමග මනා ලෙස වටහා දෙන අපුරු ගුරුතුමියකි. එතුමියට මෙම සත් කාර්ය තව දුරටත් කර ගෙන යෑමට ශක්තියම ලැබේවා !!!

රශ්මි සමරසිංහ

I feel really relaxed after talking to you. You showed me all my positive side and blessings. Thank you so much made me realize to understand worth of myself. 

Thank you once again 

Love you you are such a beautiful soul.


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